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What people are saying!

This organization kicked off in the name of tradition. It built into a symbol of community and now has recently modeled hope & appreciation for each other. Thank you for making the downtown Christmas lights so much more than a seasonal tradition. You’ve made them a beacon of our community’s spirit. Your founder, Tom, is very proud of all of you who make this magic happen.

Angela Cardinal - 03/22/2020

I want to tell you how pleased I am with Johnny's Banner on the corner of Grove and Main Streets. I go down Grove St. when I come and go from home so I see Johnny's Banner and talk to him. There is a street light just before Johnny's Banner so at night when I am coming home I can see the banner when I reach the old fire station. Johnny loved Vinnie's Pizza and he is across the street from where it used to be. Johnny was in the Air Force for 24 years. His banner is placed between 2 American Flags. You did an excellent job. I will be renewing the sponsorship next year.

Take Care and God Bless You,

Diane A. Ficco

Thank you so much for the fantastic job of overhead Christmas lights.

I am happy we still have them!! Keep up the good work

Sandra DiPrizio and Shirley Eaton

One of my fondest memories as a child growing up in Farmington was the annual hanging and lighting of the Christmas lights that graced the downtown area. Colored so brightly, and hung with care and dedication, our little town held a tradition that was not only welcoming, but unique in that it signaled the start of the Christmas season. A few years ago, the tradition almost ended.

Thanks to the Farmington Preservation and Improvement Organization, and their strong will to see this not fall by the wayside, the tradition continues. Without their dedication and literally hundreds of hours of volunteerism, the lights continue to shine to this day.

But, did you know that they are also responsible for the beautiful banners that change with the seasons? And the Christmas trees that hang on the poles during the holiday season?

The Farmington Preservation and Improvement Organization has Farmington in their hearts; and their love for the town and its’ tradition shows. Countless hours go into the beautification of the downtown area all year long, thanks to this small group of dedicated townspeople. You make us proud to call Farmington “home”!

Mary Barron

FPIO is doing a great job making our town welcoming to visitors and residents. They are preserving past traditions like the Christmas lights, using new ideas, like the seasonal banners/decorations, and allowing opportunities for local businesses and organizations to help keep our little town looking its best!

Laura Jones  - Chestnut Hill Chimney

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